Snow Monkey Contest

We recently had the pleasure of attending a highly anticipated cannabis Snow Monkey contest, where various cultivators showcased their finest Snow Monkeys. Among the impressive lineup of contenders, one Monkey stood out and claimed the top prize with its extraordinary characteristics: fruity liquorish smells and a deep purple color. Allow us to provide a review of this exceptional winning strain.

The first aspect that caught our attention was the strain’s visually stunning appearance. The buds were dense and compact, displaying a captivating deep purple color that was truly mesmerizing. The rich hues of purple were accentuated by the glistening trichomes that covered the entire surface, creating an alluring sparkle. This strain was undoubtedly a sight to behold.

As soon as we brought the buds close to our noses, an intoxicating aroma filled the air. The scent was an intriguing blend of fruity and liquorish notes. The fruity undertones were reminiscent of ripe berries and tropical fruits, imparting a sweet and refreshing essence. The liquorish aspect added a unique twist, lending a subtle hint of herbal and earthy tones to the overall aroma profile. The combination of fruity liquorish smells was an olfactory delight that left a lasting impression.

Upon sampling this Snow Monkey bud, the flavor profile was just as captivating as the aroma. The fruity notes took center stage, delivering a burst of sweetness that danced on the palate. The flavors evoked the essence of succulent berries, with hints of citrus and tropical fruits adding a zesty and tropical touch. The liquorish undertones provided a pleasant contrast, adding a slightly herbal and earthy element that enhanced the overall taste experience. The balance between fruity and liquorish flavors was exquisitely executed, making each inhale a delightful journey for the taste buds.

Beyond its mesmerizing appearance and enticing aroma and flavor, the winning Snow Monkey also delivered a remarkable set of effects. The high was well-rounded and balanced, offering a cerebral uplift that induced a sense of euphoria and uplifted mood. This mental stimulation promoted creativity and focus, making it an ideal choice for artistic endeavors or social gatherings.
Simultaneously, the strain provided a gentle relaxation that enveloped the body, alleviating any tension or stress. The physical effects were deeply calming, leading to a sense of tranquility and deep relaxation without inducing sedation. The overall experience was harmonious, allowing users to find a perfect equilibrium between mental stimulation and physical relaxation.

In the world of cannabis strain contests, the winning Snow Monkey that boasted fruity liquorish smells and a deep purple color truly deserved its prestigious title. With its visually captivating appearance, enchanting aroma, delightful flavor, and well-balanced effects, this strain proved to be a standout among its competitors. It showcased the creativity and skill of the cultivator behind it, providing an exceptional cannabis experience that left a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of encountering it.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the generous sponsors who made this cannabis Snow Monkey contest possible. Their support and dedication to the cannabis community have contributed to the success of this event. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following sponsors:
Happy Hippie Head Shop and iGrow VA for their generous contributions and sponsorship. Their commitment to the cannabis industry and their support for events like this are invaluable. We encourage all participants and attendees to show their appreciation by visiting their establishments and exploring the exceptional products and services they offer.


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